About Us

Pilipinas in Action is a movement initiated by Senator Pia S. Cayetano. As a young mother, she lost her child Gabriel, who was born deaf, blind, and had a hole in his heart, because of a rare disease known as Trisomy 13. Since then and for almost 20 years, Senator Pia has spearheaded fundraisers, including sports events for the benefit of disadvantaged children, women, athletes, and other sectors.
The PIA movement was established in March 2020 to provide assistance to vulnerable sectors at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Senator Pia and her team believed that during this critical time, we could SLOW THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS if people STAYED HOME. 
Our original goal was simple... FEED the most vulnerable families to encourage them to stay home and keep their barangay safe. At the same time, we actively promoted nutritious eating by including fresh vegetables sourced directly from farmers in the food packs we would distribute to communities. We were also mindful of the sacrifices that our health workers and frontliners have been making, many times skipping meals and working through the night. We also sent them food and much needed PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).
As former Chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Senator Pia and her team have been working with hospitals and health centers all over the country for the last 15 years and during this time of COVID-19 have been supplying them not just with PPEs, but with other necessary equipment as well. 
Meanwhile, as Chair of the Senate Committee on SDGs, Innovation, and Futures Thinking, Sen. Pia remains cognizant that other threats to Filipinos' safety continue to exist and will need to be addressed amidst the pandemic. And so, the PIA team has decided to extend its cause to victims of other emergency situations. This is why we have recently started a donation drive to provide assistance to victims of supertyphoon #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH.
It is our sincere desire to create a venue for all the generous, good-hearted people out there to share the love with those most affected by these emergencies and crises. 
GOD bless and keep you well.