Sending Food Packs to Thank Our Frontliners in Pateros

This is a part of a series of write-ups about the personal donations made by Senator Pia S. Cayetano. We are sharing these articles with the hope to inspire the Bayanihan spirit in us to lend help to others in these trying times.


As our frontliners report for duty round-the-clock, they often do not have enough time to purchase food and prepare meals for themselves and their families. 

The sacrifices they make to serve our people in these difficult times deserve to be acknowledged. And so to repay their kindness and hard work, I thought of sending out personal gifts to our health workers and response teams in Pateros. 

The gifts were food packs consisting of daily staples, such as rice, canned goods, condiments, coffee and milk packs. But I also included fresh vegetables to support proper nutrient intake, especially during these times when maintaining resistance to disease is very important. 

Last March 28, I sent out 100 food packs to the following health centers, response groups and frontline stations in Pateros:

Quintin De Borja Health Center;
Masikap Health Center;
Mayor Juan Sanchez Health Center;
Mayor Moises Flores Health Center;
Mayor Delfin Salonga Health Center; and
Pateros Rescue Team.

In the coming weeks, I hope to continue supporting our modern-day heroes. I'm sharing this to inspire others to also perform small acts of kindness for our frontliners amid these trying times. 

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