PIA’s Livelihood Program: A Gift Back to our Essential Workers

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In times of crisis, one can always expect the Filipinos’ Bayanihan spirit to come alive. This very same resolve gave birth to the Pilipinas In Action drive. Since our team’s conception at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, we have been doing our best to lend a helping hand to those in need through our various donation drives and packages. 

Inspired by many of our kababayans’ ingenuity and hard work amidst the crisis, we recently started a Livelihood Program that provides financial assistance to Filipino informal workers in order to support their humble businesses. Our objective is to extend help to these workers who, in their own means, also help their communities thrive through the essential products they are peddling.  

These are some of their stories…

Carmelita Guanzon

This 56-year-old single mom uses a bicycle with a sidecar to sell vegetables, fish, meat, and poultry products to residents of the towns of Sta. Rita and Guagua.

Selling has been Aling Carmelita’s source of income for over three decades; not even the pandemic has stopped her from peddling her fresh products in different barangays just to make ends meet for her six children. Now with lockdown restrictions gradually easing, there's no slowing her down as she continues to work hard for her kids’ future. 

Aling Carmelita belongs to our team’s first batch of livelihood assistance beneficiaries, in cooperation with the provincial government of Pampanga. The capital boost from Pilipinas In Action has provided her with much needed support for her business to keep growing.

Josephine Morales

Ice cream seller Josephine Morales’ job is one that gives joy to kids and adults alike. 

As a community sorbetes peddler, she sells these sweetened frozen desserts in carts along the streets of Guagua, Pampanga. Her products come in a variety of flavors that perfectly suit the Pinoy palette: tsokolate, cheese, ube, and many more! They are usually served with small wafers, small sugar cones, or bread buns. 

As Josephine continues to serve happiness to the people in her community, our team paid it forward by providing her with added capital for her humble livelihood, in the hopes that she delivers more joy to her customers, which in this time of pandemic is exactly what most of us need. 

Marites Matitu

At 48 years old, Marites is one resilient mom who always works extra hard for her children’s sake. The mother of four has been a street vendor for over 27 years now. Her suki would often see her along the streets of Sasmuan, Pampanga selling tamalis and pandesal.

Marites was given financial assistance through Pilipinas In Action’s livelihood program, which she used as an added capital for her business.

Olivia Yanga

Nanay Olivia, 53, has been a vendor for the past 20 years. In the last two decades, she has faced and overcome many challenges, but stressed that none could compare to the impact that COVID-19 has caused on her primary means of income.

To help her build back better, Pilipinas In Action provided Nanay Olivia with a modest financial assistance to support her business. Our team also had her mobile cart fixed so she could peddle her products more efficiently and safely. 

Vendors like Aling Carmelita, Josephine, Marites, and Nanay Olivia mirror the Filipino people’s perseverance and determination during hard times. These hard workers endure the harsh heat of the sun (or at times the rain) to make their living day by day. And they do all of this out of love for their families. All the while, they also extend their service to their respective communities. They are, in every sense of the word, essential workers who keep our society working and thriving. 

The entire Pilipinas In Action family thanks them for their service! In return, we want to continue helping them improve their productivity and income through our livelihood program. You too can help make the lives of our workers better. Scroll through our website for more info about our projects and donation drives! #

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