Fighting Off COVID-19 with Nutritious Okra

In these challenging times, good health and strong immunity are essential to prevent infection from COVID-19 and other ailments. Thus, Pilipinas in Action has been encouraging healthy food donations for all as we heal as one.

Recently, our team gathered nearly 2,000 kilos of freshly picked okra with the help of former Candaba, Pampanga Mayor Jerry Pelayo. To help distribute the okra, our team reached out to various individuals and groups in Metro Manila. These include some of our private partners, local government units, and some local communities in need of immediate food assistance. 

Through the logistics team of Pilipinas in Action, we delivered packs of okra to the following groups in three batches: 


Delivered on April 3:

Mesa ni Misis - 50 kilos 
5th District of Manila - 100 kilos
For homeless persons in UP Area - 10 kilos
For persons temporarily housed at the UP College of Fine Arts - 20 kilos
For students housed in UP Diliman dormitories - 20 kilos
For students housed in PUP - 100 kilos 
Senate Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms and Security Group - 10 kilos; and 
Select households in Pasay City - 300 kilos 

Delivered on April 7:

Malabon City LGU - 250 kilos 
Manila LGU - 200 kilos
Pasay City LGU - 300 kilos

Delivered on April 8: 

Caloocan City LGU - 288.5 kilos 

Healthy food donations, such as the highly nutritious okra and fresh vegetables, will not only help address hunger, but also promote healthy eating that protects our immune system from diseases. We welcome gestures of charity to make this cause a reality. 

You may direct donations to our official website or contact us through our social media accounts for inquiries.

@PilipinasInAction on Facebook
@PHInAction on Twitter
@pilipinasinaction on Instagram

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