Cainta: small town faces big challenges head on

With a total land area of only 26.81 square kilometers, Cainta is the second smallest municipality in the province of Rizal. On the other hand, the town also ranks among the most populous in the entire country, owing to its proximity to Metro Manila.

Managing economic growth and looking after the people's health and welfare under such conditions can never be easy, and more so in the face of a pandemic. But through the hands-on and innovative leadership of Mayor Kit Nieto, with the help of his team of medical and community frontliners, this small town is facing big challenges head on. 

Pilipinas in Action is more than honored to support Cainta's brave frontliners. On September 3, our team distributed 10 brand new bikes for them through Mayor Nieto. Our team is grateful to the Filipino Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Inc. (FICWSI) for donating the bicycles and safety accessories.

Two of our bike recipients are ambulance dispatch officers Riza Nataño and Judith Abadilla. Residents of Cainta have these brave women to thank for for their commitment to deliver rescue aid and quality healthcare.

Riza and Judith are not only vital members of their community's health workforce. Both are also moms providing for the needs of their family. Here at Pilipinas In Action, we recognize and applaud the dual roles that women like Riza and Judith play, because this is no simple task. We thank them for their service and pray for their safety while on duty and on the road.

Top: Mayor Kit Nieto receives ten bicycles (with accessories) from Pilipinas in Action, courtesy of our donor, the Filipino Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Inc. Bottom: Emergency responders Riza Nataño and Judith Abadilla.

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