Buy-a-Bike Beneficiaries

As public transport remains limited throughout the metro, front-liners such as Francisco Bantilan Jr., 23, used to walk more than 13 kilometers from Manila to Makati. A walking commute that took him 2 hours to reach his workplace, but thanks to our generous donors through the buy-a-bike program, It now takes him a mere 20-25 minutes of cycling to get to work.

Similarly, the program’s other beneficiaries: Phillip Christian Contredas, 23 & Mark Rogie Almario Berdin, 20, experienced the same improvements on their quality of lives as well. Philip, who walked a tiring distance to wait for a bus- now puts his feet to the pedal and cycles to work in greater convenience- as he, like our other beneficiaries, are now saving on their time, money, and efforts to get to work and serve our country.

Senator Pia Cayetano, an advocate of health and sustainable transportation hopes to help more lives like Francisco, Phillip & Mark as she is both a public servant and cyclist who wants to improve the quality of life of our workers and front liners - especially during this pandemic with legislative measures such as the Safe Pathways Bill. The said Bill aims to create safe pop-up walking & cycling lanes so that front-liners and the rest of our nation can commute safely & sustainably.

Let’s support our front liners and strive towards a more sustainable future by helping when we can, so “buy-a-bike” and help our country #HealAsOne.

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